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Asure provides a scalable blockchain network for decentralized social security built around openness, privacy and fairness, powered by blockchain innovation that brings together individuals, companies and governments in a digital world.
Why Social security?

Social security is an essential element in the economic and political development of societies. However, there are over 4.1 billion people worldwide without access to social security systems.

How Asure Network scale?

The Asure Network will be a performant and secure proof-of-stake network, that enables high transaction throughput at a low cost, which would be necessary for social security within countries, via frameworks like Plasma.

What is the Vision?

People around the world enjoy their lives without having to worry about any risks or losses.

What is the utility of Asure Token (ASR)?

The ASR token is a utility token. It is implemented as an Ethereum smart contract and supports the ERC-20 / ERC-223 token standards. The token will be used by Network Validators as well as by Service Providers so that they can participate as stakers in the proof-of-stake consensus mechanisms of the Asure Network.


"We will enable governments and people around the world to establish social security systems and assist in migrating existing ones to the Asure Network so they take advantage of the blockchain technology."

Paul Mizel, CEO
Asure dApp

The Asure dApp will become the reference implementation for dApps using the Asure protocol and platform. It will feature

  • a technical feasibility study of the german statutory pension system implemented on the Ethereum blockchain and the Asure protocol / platform.
  • a complete wallet implementation.
  • an overview and management of your insurance policies.
  • an insurance store to find and buy insurance policies.

Please try out the Asure dApp which runs currently on the Ethereum Rinkiby testnet.

This implementation is still very much a work in progress. It can be used for testing, but it should not be used for real funds. We do our best to identify and fix problems, and implement missing features.

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Don't miss the chance to receive the latest information to research and development of the decentralized social security network, our upcoming TGE, as well as upcoming events we will attend where you can ask in person any questions you have.

Team Asure

The Asure team is a group of insurance and technology experts with decades of experience in business and information technology areas.
Paul Mizel (GER)
Founder & CEO

Paul Mizel
Paul holds a Master’s Degree with over ten years’ experience in insurance industry. Former Head of Innovation at Insurance Consulting Company. He and his innovation team in Germany and in Ukraine worked on blockchain-related projects since 2014.

Fabian Raetz (GER)
Founder & CTO

Fabian Raetz
Fabian has been working for more than 10 years at BROCKHAUS AG. In Paul Mizel’s innovations department he researched cutting edge technologies to improve the insurance industry. In his freetime he supports a number of open-source projects.

Gamal Schmuck (GER)
Founder & CFO

Gamal Schmuck
Gamal has over 5 years' experience in software development in insurance industry and authorities. As a certified Usability Engineer at Fraunhofer Institute, he started to focus mainly on usability engineering to create software which simplifies people's lives.

Andrey Kuchaev (GER)
Community Manager

Andrey Kuchaev
Andrey holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering. He was working at Fraunhofer Institute where his interest in blockchain technologies has arisen. He worked on multiple projects for a major international insurance company.

Kersten Lorenz (GER)
Blockchain Expert

Kersten Lorenz
Kersten has a diploma in theoretical computer science and almost twenty years of experience in the design and creation of distributed systems. He has been working intensively with blockchain technology for over two years.

Ramazan Kunas (GER)
Blockchain Developer

Ramazan Kunas
Ramazan has over 10 years' experience in software development in several industries and authorities. He has seen businesses from several points of views. He also made Cryptomining and has a good understanding of Blockchain.

Suzannah Weiss (US)
PR Manager

Suzannah Weiss
Is a senior writer and editor and a regular contributor to New York Magazine, The Washington Post, Vice, Glamour, Bustle, Refinery29, Self, Men’s Health, The Establishment, Audiofemme, and more.

Igor Gutjahr (GER)
Business Operations

Igor Gutjahr
Is a senior analyst and technology specialist with more than 5+ years` in the technology industry.

Eugen Falkenstein (GER)
Team Manager

Eugen Falkenstein
Is a senior team manager and technology specialist with more then 10+ years` in technology industry.

Wetscheslaw Lipp (GER)
Blockchain Developer

Wetscheslaw Lipp
Is a senior blockchain developer with more than 5+ years` in the insurance industry.

Serhii Kirienko (UKR)
AI/Full Stack Developer

Serhii Kirienko
Is a middle full stack developer based in Kiev, Ukraine.

Serhii Yaremchuk (UKR)
AI/Full Stack Developer

Serhii Yaremchuk
Is a middle full stack developer based in Kiev, Ukraine.

Anastasia Scherbakova (UKR)
Full Stack Developer

Anastasia Scherbakova
Is a junior full stack developer based in Kiev, Ukraine.

Alexander Grünke (GER)

Alexander Grünke
Alexander is a junior social media specialist.

Patrick Möller (GER)

Patrick Möller
Patrick is a veteran of social media. He started his experience as an actor and comedian, has some famous social media channels in entertainment and is still operating successfully.

Anastasia Droganova (GER)
Office Manager

Anastasia Droganova
Is an office manager based in Dortmund, Germany.

Waldemar Stelle (GER)
Technical Support

Waldemar Stelle
Is a senior analyst with more than 5+ years` in the technology industry.


Emanuel Kuceradis(HK)
Technology Advisor

Emanuel Kuceradis
Emanuel has 20+ years’ experience in financial services sector in BI/BigData projects (UK, US, and China).

Alexander Böhner (GER)
Insurance Advisor

Alexander Böhner
Alexander is an insurance consultant with 10+ years’ of experience leading engineering teams and developing products and platforms. He worked as Programm Manager at Zurich Insurance SE, Gothar and Signal Iduna.

Michael Lurz (GER)
Insurance Advisor

Michael Lurz
Michael has 10+ years’ experience in insurance industry, especially in product development (health, legal, automotive, commercial).

Dennis Rittinghaus (GER)
Business Advisor

Dennis Rittinghaus
He worked as Team Manager at Zurich Insurance SE, EON.


  • Labs Research


    May 2014 - Blockchain Research
    First research projects in cooperation with University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Dortmund to investigate the possibilities of blockchain for insurance industry and the development of first prototypes.

    August 2015 - Artificial Intelligence Research
    First research projects about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Predictive Analytics.

    November 2016 - AI Kiev Labs
    Paul Mizel and his team started the development of a prototype for an AI-driven insurance advisor and full-automated chat assistant. He has also built up an office in Kiev and coordinated the efforts as a product manager to further accelerate the development.

    April 2017 - Smart Contract Research
    First research projects on the Ethereum blockchain platform and proof-of-concepts about smart contracts.

  • Start

    Phase 1: Asure & Minimum Viable Product

    Paul Mizel, Fabian Raetz, and Gamal Schmuck founded a new company to face new challenges and work on ideas that make the world a better place. With their expertise in the insurance industry, they felt the need for a new type of insurance based on the principles of DAO. Since then they are working on their vision which became Asure.

    Jun. 2018 - Prototype I
    German Pension System Prototype is done.

    Dec. 2018 - Prototype II
    Decentralized Pension System Prototype is done.

  • Development

    Phase 2: Develop Network and Minimum Viable Product

    The first reference implementations of the network as MVP and decentralized experiment are done. The network can be reviewed by the community and the first improvements can be established around the product lifecycle.

  • Launch

    Phase 3: Launch network and grow community

    The network is also published on the mainnet and the community can implement the first products on the platform. The Asure ecosystem is scaled in development and extended by the relevant tools: AsureScan, AsureWallet, AsureBot, AsureId, AsureClaims.

  • Operations

    Phase 4: Globalisation

    Due to the open and expandable design, the platform and the best products prevail through self-regulation and are widely used by individuals in the mainstream as well as by companies, authorities, and governments worldwide. Asure will become the industry leader in the decentralized autonomous insurance platform.

"Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years."


Asure is a a network for decentralized social security applications, powered by distributed ledger technology innovation.